SHH : The 13 yellow ties of resistance.

Resistance is a manifestation of the coexistence of any opposition, and it is the way in which a large part of human and political evolution has been formed. The 13 Yellow Ribbons is an installation that talks about the symbolic gesture of the yellow ribbon as a way of breaking the daily silence about a reality that is unpleasant.

In Germany, the yellow ribbon is used as a sign of support for the armed forces.

In Australia, the Save Albert Park group hung yellow ribbons from trees in the park in protest.

In 2009, it was used in solidarity with those affected by the bushfires that occurred in the state of Victoria in February of that year.

On September 16, 2012, the yellow ribbon was adopted to unilaterally support volunteer firefighters in the state of Queensland. A month later, its use in the state government hansard was ratified in the first session of the 54th legislature.4

In Canada, the use of the yellow ribbon is not documented until World War I, when the mothers and wives of Canadian soldiers began to use them as a symbol of hope in the soldiers. This use was maintained during World War II.

Symbol of solidarity for political prisoners for the application of article 155.
War of succession

Austrian hat with yellow bow.
The first known reference to the use of yellow cockades in Catalonia dates back to 1704, when the viceroy of Catalonia, Francisco Antonio Fernández de Velasco y Tovar, prohibited their partisan use during the War of Succession, to avoid advertising the side that used them "creating discord between families.”5

spina bifida
FEBHI Spina Bifida Yellow Ribbon
FEBHI Spina Bifida Yellow Ribbon
In Spain it began to be used on November 21, 2013, after the campaigns launched in Argentina, South Africa, Guatemala, Paraguay and the United Kingdom in previous years, on the occasion of National Spina Bifida Day.

In 2014, FEBHI and its associations promoted the #milazoporlaEB campaign. Social networks were filled with videos and photos of people with yellow ties as a show of support for this pathology.

Catalan sovereignty process
During the sovereign process of Catalonia from 2012-2018, the color of the ribbon was copied to claim Catalonia's right to self-determination. In this way, the senators of Convergència i Unió wore yellow ribbons in October 2014.6

Poster of the Catalan National Assembly asking to wear a yellow ribbon in solidarity with Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart.
On October 16, 2017, the day Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart were imprisoned, the secessionist entities Catalan National Assembly and Òmnium Cultural asked to use yellow ribbons to demand the release of imprisoned Catalan politicians.7

Since Catalan secessionist organizations promoted their use on October 16, 2017, there have been various acts of protest in which yellow ties have been shown in one way or another: small ties to wear on clothing, 8 giant ties deployed in places public, 9 empty chairs with bows10 or people dressed in yellow and grouped in the form of a bow in concentrations.11

On November 24, 2017, the Central Electoral Board agreed, at the request of the PSC, to prevent the auditors, attorneys-in-fact and members of the polling stations in the elections for the Parliament of Catalonia in 2017 from wearing yellow ribbons.12 This decision triggered a campaign encouraging to use the color yellow in social networks as a protest.13

International Noise Awareness Day
In 2016 and on the occasion of the international day of awareness of the effects of noise, the Noise Observatory and Noise Lawyer carried out information campaigns on social networks, flooding them with yellow ribbons and against noise. The motto of this campaign, which currently takes place every last Wednesday of April, has as its motto "Against noise, yellow".

In China, the yellow ribbon commemorates the sinking of the Dong Fang Zhi Xing.14

South Korea

Yellow ties in South Korea.

Pope Francis wearing a yellow ribbon during his visit to South Korea in 2014.
In South Korea, the yellow ribbon is a symbol that commemorates the victims of the sinking of the MV Sewol in 2014, in which 304 people died.1516

In 1973, the group Dawn and singer Tony Orlando released the song Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree, which became very popular in the United States. Apparently inspired by a soldier returning home, the yellow ribbon would signify nostalgia for an absent loved one.17

Later, during the Iranian hostage crisis, the yellow ribbon was used as a symbol of support for the American hostages in the context of the Tie A Yellow Ribbon campaign, which promoted tying yellow ribbons from trees in public spaces. During the Gulf War, they were used to support the US military, but this time not just in the form of ribbons hanging from trees, but in many more ways.

In Indonesia, the yellow ribbon symbolizes solidarity with the victims of the Indonesian Revolution of 1998.1819

In Italy, the yellow ribbon is a sign of solidarity with prisoners of war.

Japan's Medal of Honor uses a yellow ribbon to recognize professionals who have become public role models.

The Singapore government launched the Yellow Ribbon Project as an initiative to give ex-convicts a second chance. During September, campaigns are carried out to ask people to wear a yellow ribbon on their shirt or t-shirt to support the social reintegration of those who have been in prison.

According to wikipedia there are more than 13 meanings of the yellow ribbon in 11 countries around the world. Each one with a different reason and purpose, however, they all have in common: breaking the silence and sharing a fight.

Resistance is a manifestation of the coexistence of any opposition, the way in which a great part of human and political evolution has been formed. The 11 yellow ties is an installation that speaks about the symbolic gesture of the yellow ribbon as a way to break the daily silence about a reality that disgusts.

According to wikipedia there are more than 13 meanings of the yellow tie in 11 countries around the world. Each one with a different motive and purpose, however, all have in common to break the silence and share a struggle.

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